DRP Authoring

An important part of company activities continuity planning is to develop, maintain and secure the recovery process of information systems after a breakdown – i.e. Disaster Recovery Planning. DR plans describe the exact steps defined in time with defined technical and human resources for restoration of information systems functionality. DR plans are divided into short and long term plans.

Short-term plans aim to restore selected important information systems to the minimum level required for mastering the critical range of activities. This level is defined in a business continuity plan. Long-term DR plans describe procedures for recovery of information systems to the level before the breakdown. These plans may no longer be as specific as the short-term plans.

Initial development of DR plan is only the first step to successful management of a breakdown. The plans must be maintained and periodically tested. IT systems are a living organism. The staffing and technology background may also change.

Our company offers analytical resources to assist with developing, maintaining and testing of DR plans. For the purposes of a backup we can provide technological resources, such as servers, disk systems, network devices, and the like.

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