IS Administration

Administration of IT systems generates costs, which are not only directly related to IT technology, but also to the security of personnel resources, such as administrators, operators, workers for the development (especially in larger companies), or various management positions.

For the organizations that do not have the required IT specialists, required resources for the acquisition and operation of IS, it is most effective to leave the IS administration and activities related thereto to a company that can handle them better and at a lower cost.

The external company can also help to set personnel policy, which seeks to transfer most of the services to the external environment and concentrates with its own resources on your core business. The aim of SECORAMA is to manage these features and ensure smooth operation of the entire information system. External administration of information system means to take full care and responsibility for the IS and ensure their functionality, reliability and security.

Information System Administration includes:
  • regular care and check of IS
  • ensuring continual operation and availability of IS
  • recoverability of IS in the event of a breakdown
  • immediate solution to any faults that occur
  • IS Security
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