The amount of electronic data increases exponentially approx. by 35 – 40% per year, irrespective of whether these are private or business data. That is why the need to create a more efficient and more robust storage system also increases.

The offer of this type of equipment is constantly growing, you can choose from small NAS disk systems to building of large SAN networks. Requirements for the selection of solutions are given not only by the size of the disk space, but also by the desired output, add-way connectivity and functionality (snapshots, clones, replication). The scalability of the product is also very important in order to expand the solution not only quantitatively but also qualitatively (as concerns performance) at the current rate of growth of information and data.

NAS Disk Systems offer far more options of publication than ever before. In addition to standard protocols such as SMB, NFS, iSCSI, publication via the integrated web servers or DLNA multimedia interface are also possible. For larger SAN systems, we have a choice of connectivity technologies such as FC, ​​FCoE or iSCSI, or SAS Switched. Disk systems of lower classes can also provide disk space in hundreds of TB.

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